Shamanic Healing Practitioner Certification eCourse

With Shamanic Soul Guide, Sarah Norwood

Coming Summer 2020! 

Learn How to BE Your Own Shaman

Advanced Energy Healing Class

With Sarah Norwood, Shamanic Soul Guide
"I’m eternally grateful to Sarah for helping me heal my deepest wounds, strengthen my connection with Spirit, develop gifts I didn’t realize I had, and establish my own shamanic healing practice to support other people on their spiritual journeys." 
- Dr. Kelly Arora, Spiritual Director & Shamanic Guide at

This class is self-paced and will always be open for enrollment!!

You may be destined to become a Certified Shamanic Healing Practitioner if:
  • Shamanism feels like it is 'calling your name' everywhere you go. You feel led to this.
  • You have a sincere interest in Shamanism, Shamanic Journeying, connecting with your Spirit Guides, receiving sacred messages, exploring past lives, and learning how to heal yourself at a Soul Level.
  • You have always known that you have spiritual gifts, but haven't known how to develop them.
  • You have a desire to build a Shamanic Healing practice so that you can help others hea



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This class is for you if:
  • You LOVE a self-paced course so that you can process information on your own time!
  • You already practice some form of daily meditation.
  • You have basic knowledge of what your chakras, aura anenergy field is and how to protect/cleanse/strengthen your own energy.
  • You want to join the private Shamanic Soul Circle group so that you can connect with other Shamanic Practitioners and be a part of a bi-monthly FREE Zoom Call with Sarah and the other students! We will share our Shamanic Journeys and Healing Practices! 
  • You are ready to take your Energy Healing practice to the next level. You are ready to combine your other healing modalities into your very own Shamanic Healing practice!
  • You would rather take a class that reads like a book and takes you on a journey rather than a  boring "how to" guide!
  • You want to become CERTIFIED so that you can open your own Shamanic Healing practice!
I am a Shamanic Soul Guide. I believe that YOU can be one too!
How will this eCourse help you? 
This course will teach you:
  • What Is A Shamanic Healing Practitioner? Why Become One?
  • What is a Shamanism? What is a Shaman?
  • How to SAFELY go on a Shamanic Journey to alternative realms in the Spirit world
  • How to meet your Spirit Guides/Helpers, Totem Power Animals, Angels, Ancestors, etc.
  • How to Channel Sacred Messages from the Spirit world to the physical world
  • How to use personalized rituals, percussion tools and ceremonies to assist in your Shamanic Healing work
  • How to retrieve parts of your Soul that may have fragmented off (Soul Loss) during trauma through Soul Retrieval and Past Life Regression work
  • How to Heal Yourself At a Soul Level
  • How to combine your other healing modalities with your Shamanic Healing practice
  • How to become your very own Shamanic Healer so that you can step into the role of a Shaman!
If you decide that you are called to the Shaman's path, you will receive:
  • 6 Weekly VIDEOS of Lesson Plan Materials
  • 6 Weekly POWERPOINT Lessons With Audio 
  • 6 Weekly WRITTEN Lessons
  • 6 Weekly Soul-Work HOMEWORK Prompts in Soul-Work Workbook
  • 6 AUDIO Guided Shamanic Journeys
  • Lifetime Access to Bi-Monthly LIVE Shamanic Soul Circle (Zoom) Sessions with Sarah and other Certified Shamanic Practitioners after completing your 6 week eCourse
  • You will receive a Shamanic Healing Practitioner after completing all 6 weeks​
  • Exclusive membership access to 'Shamanic Soul Circle' private Facebook group
  • 6 weeks of email access to Sarah so that she can answer, guide, and assist you on your own unique journey!

How EXACTLY does this work? Let's break it down!
***Every 7 days, you will receive 1 new module sent directly to your email for 6 Weeks!***
Week 1 Module:
  • Week 1 Welcome & Introduction Video
  • Week 1 Powerpoint Presentation of Lesson Material
  • Learn What A Shamanic Healing Practitioner Is
  • Learn What is Shamanism and What Is The Role Of A Shaman
  • Learn The History and Origin of Shamanic Practices
  • Learn What Types of Shamanic Healing are Practiced
  • Hear An Example Of A Shamanic Journey
  • Learn How the 'Journey' Finds YOU- What Brought You Here?
  • Learn How to Find YOUR Own Shamanic Way- My Way will not be YOUR Way
  • Receive Guided Shamanic Journey Audio Recording
  • Receive Lesson Plan in Written Document
  • Receive Week 1 Soul-Work Worksheets
Week 2 Module:
  • Week 2 Video Introduction Video
  • Week 2 Powerpoint Presentation of Lesson Material
  • Shamanism Is Guided by Your Intention
  • Receive A Refresher Of What Your Energy Field & Chakra System Is
  • Learn How Some form of Meditation is required to practice Shamanism
  • Learn What type of Meditation works for you 
  • Learn Why Balancing your Energy Field Helps You In the Spirit World & Human World
  • Learn How Rituals, a Sacred Space/Alter, Percussion Instruments, and Ceremonial Practices Can Greatly Enhance Your Shamanic Experiences
  • Learn what Tools Can Assist Your Shamanic Path
  • Receive Guided Shamanic Journey Audio Recording
  • Receive Lesson Plan in Written Document
  • Receive Week 2 Soul-Work Worksheets
Week 3 Module:
  • Week 3 Video Introduction Video
  • Week 3 Powerpoint Presentation of Lesson Material
  • Learn how to Connect with your Spirit Guides, Totem Animals, Archangels, Ancestors, and Other Helping Souls During your Shamanic Journeys
  • Develop Your Unique Techniques/Way For Journeying To The Invisible Worlds
  • Learn about 3 Alternate Realms in the Spirit World (Upper, Middle, Lower)
  • Learn How to Become Your Own Shaman in Your Daily Practice
  • Receive Lesson Plan in Written Document
  • Receive Week 3 Soul-Work Worksheets
Week 4 Module:
  • Week 4 Video Introduction Video
  • Week 4 Powerpoint Presentation of Lesson Material
  • Learn what Soul Loss is and When It Can Occur
  • Learn What Soul Retrieval is and How to Retrieve Parts of Your Own Soul
  • Learn What Past Life Regression Is and How You Can Journey To Past Lives
  • Learn what Karma is and how it Affects your Soul Throughout Your Lifetimes
  • Receive Audio Guided Soul Retrieval meditation
  • Receive Lesson Plan in Written Document
  • Receive Week 4 Soul-Work Worksheets
Week 5 Module:
  • Week 5 Introduction Video
  • Week 5 Powerpoint Presentation of Lesson Material
  • Integration Week! This week is for you to combine all of your knowledge so far!
  • Practice, practice, practice! Have FUN WITH IT!
  • Receive Audio Guided Shamanic Journey
  • Receive Week 5 Soul-Work
  • Receive BONUS video of Shamanic Soul Guide Dance Meditation
Week 6 Module
  • Learn How to Incorporate EVERYTHING You Have Learned Into Your Own Practice!
  • How to Merge Other Healing Modalities Into Your Shamanic Work
  • Receive An Example of Session Form & Waiver- Never Work On Anyone Without It!
  • Learn how important Community/Collective work is while practicing Shamanism
  • Learn about Shamanic Soul Circle EXCLUSIVE, LIFETIME Membership 
  • Learn How to Build a Shamanic Healing Practice and Step Into The Role of The Shaman
So, why Sarah Norwood?






Sarah Norwood, Shamanic Soul Guide at Shamanic Mountain Healing

and Founder of Heal Your Energy, Heal Your Life ™ eCourses

Once upon a time, Sarah was a single Mother of two children working multiple waitress jobs just to live paycheck to paycheck. She was sick, tired, and self-medicating in order not to FEEL what she needed to HEAL. Sarah numbed her early childhood sexual molestation, traumatic rape in college, and eight long years of horrific domestic violence just to 'survive life'. Sarah didn’t know anything but pain. Sarah was chronically sick, sad, scared and angry at the world. Everything was a struggle...UNTIL, Sarah started working with a healer that taught her “how” to work with energy. This powerful Shaman taught Sarah how to meditate at age 19 and she began healing the dark, destructive energy that was slowly killing her. 
After three decades of healing with energy, Sarah is here to finally share her expertise with YOU! No matter what has happened up until this point, you have the power to heal yourself, and your life, back to wholeness.
Sarah’s arsenal of studies, passions, and life’s healing work spans over 30 years. Sarah helps hundreds of clients all over the world with her 'distance' energy healing business, Shamanic Mountain Healing. Sarah is an accomplished Shamanic Practitioner, Psychic Medium & Intuitive Reiki Master. She has this nifty ability of being able to SEE, feel, and hear energy. To do this, Sarah journeys to alternate realms in the Spirit world (Shamanism) and there, she offers Reiki energy to her clients. Helping to heal her client's at a Soul level, Sarah encourages them to learn their own way to heal themselves by doing what feels good.Combining the ancient and powerful healing modalities of Shamanism and Reiki, Sarah has helps her clients live a life they love- doing what they love. LEARN MORE ABOUT SARAH NORWOOD HERE.
Sarah Norwood's Credentials & Lived Experience: 

  • An Apprentice in Shamanic Studies for 30 years with powerful Shaman, Dr. John Myerson of Life Arts Center for Shamanic Studies
  • Founder of Heal Your Energy, Heal Your Life Coaching 2020
  • Shamanic Healing Practitioner since 2000
  • Owner of Shamanic Mountain Healing 2007
  • Certified Usui & Karuna Healing Reiki Master, 2007
  • Certified Confidential Victim's Advocate, 2006 & 2018
  • National Board Certified Reflexologist, 2008
  • National Board Certified Massage Therapist, 2010
  • Registered Massage Therapist, Colorado, 2010
  • Bachelor's of Arts, 1996
  • Clairvoyant / Clairaudient / Medium
  • Domestic Violence Survivor
  • Sexual Assault Survivor
  • Owner of Non-Profit, Sarah's Safe Houses
  • Owner of Spirit Messages Store




"When I met Sarah, I found a safe space to explore shamanism and expand my relationship with Spirit (spirit guides, power animals, ascended masters, angels, deceased loved ones, etc.). With Sarah’s support, I’ve learned that:
  • Spirit communicates with each of us in different ways. All ways are valid, and with practice, we can all develop our own gifts and abilities.
  • I’m not losing my mind. It’s hard for people who haven’t communicated directly with Spirit to make sense of shamanic experiences. Talking with Sarah about my journeys validates and helps me make sense of them.
  • Shamanic practices continue to evolve. Each year I learn more about the spirit realm, work with new spirit guides and teachers, and develop my abilities to work with energy. Because Sarah is further along on the shamanic path, she helps me integrate new experiences into my shamanic healing practice.
I’m eternally grateful to Sarah for helping me heal my deepest wounds, strengthen my connection with Spirit, develop gifts I didn’t realize I had, and establish my own shamanic healing practice to support other people on their spiritual journeys." 
- Dr. Kelly Arora, Spiritual Director at
“Very gifted and powerful Shaman and Intuitive Reiki Healer. Because of Sarah, I’ve started down a completely new spiritual path. I recommend her to anyone seeking guidance and healing when other modalities have failed. She is one of the best. I constantly refer people to her and yet we have never met in person. She did work with me from a distance which proved just as powerful as in person, if not more powerful.”

- Peggy Laney, Shamanic and Akashic Record Healer at

“Sarah Norwood is one of the most gifted, down to earth, matter of fact healers. She continues to blow me away with her work and has been an integral part of my inner work and personal healing. Every single session with her is 100%, 100% SPOT ON! If you are ready to step up into the person you came to the earth plane to become, Sarah will help you get there. I love this woman and every ounce of her Divine self! Total life changer!”- Erica Hodgson of Celestial Coaching and Bodywork at
"Yes. An empathic yes. She will work with you so well to help you clear and heal what needs to go. Her skills, talents and abilities will amaze you. I have seen many shamanic healers and other spiritual healers for years. Sarah is a category in her own. Powerful in authentic and powerful ways routed in god. I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah since 2013 and my life is more enlightened and better from her assistance. Each session is mind-blowing. Each session is also freeing. She is worth every dollar and more. You will not regret your session. Be honest and she will really help you. She is a radiant space of UNCONDITIONAL love."
- Keith Willschau of Colorado Springs, Lululemon Ambassador, CorePower Yoga Teacher, Writer, Leader, and Natural Born Healer 

“Sarah is amazing! She is kind, loving, compassionate and goes deep to help us heal. She is the only person I deeply trust to play in my energy field and I’m so grateful to her, her gifts and services! I’ve been working with Sarah for the last 4 years and her guidance and shamanic insights have helped me tremendously with my personal healing.”
-The Fabulous Ifoma Genevieve Rothblatt at
“Sarah is a competent healer. I have worked with many of her clients, as a Psychotherapist and the amount we overlap is astounding every time I hear it. Her clients are soothed by her ability to "see" them. Talented healer!”
-Kerry Foreman, Mindfulness Expert, Hiking Therapist, and Psychotherapist at

"I have had several sessions with Sarah through the years and she is truly a gifted soul! I am amazed at her accuracy, guidance, and healing abilities. She truly can see where you are on a soul level and give you guidance and healing to help you move forward on your journey. I highly recommend Sarah if you are looking for deep soul healing. Sarah is way past the 21st century with her gifts. Much love and light to you Sarah. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary gifts with me and the world!"
- Dixie Fields, Writer & Intuitive Healer at

“Each session I've experienced has been so enlightening, nourishing, healing and loving. Grateful for what I've learned and the healing I have received and will continue to receive in future sessions.”
-Sarah Coram, Magical Yoga Teacher, Momma, Healer of


Become a Certified Shamanic Healing Practitioner in 6 Weeks and become a LIFETIME Member of Shamanic Soul Circle! This exclusive group will be only for serious Shamanic Healers dedicated to walking the Shaman's Path! All for $333!

Our world NEEDS this ancient healing practice more than ever.
This 6 Week eCourse not only offers 30 years worth of MATERIALS and EXPERIENCE but also offers FREE Bi-Monthly LIVE Shamanic Soul Guidance Session w/Sarah & Other SUPPORTIVE Shamanic Practitioners!
IN YOUR LIVE Shamanic Soul Circle Sessions with Sarah, she will help you fine tune your individual Shamanic Healing practice!
You will be well on your way to becoming YOUR OWN SHAMAN after 6 weeks!

2 Payment Options!

**This class will be open in late 2020. Payment buttons will be active when launch date is announced.**

1.) Shamanic Healing Practitioner Certification: BE Your Own Shaman
*Pay In Full*
**FREE Shamanic Soul Guide: BE Your Own Shaman Journal with purchase** 
One payment of $333
2.) Shamanic Healing Practitioner Certification: BE Your Own Shaman 
*Payment Plan*
Six payments of $60

"When you heal yourself, you heal the world. ~Sarah Norwood, Shamanic Soul Guide

STOP! Before purchasing, have you taken Heal Your Energy, Heal Your Life eCourse OR are do you already have an established, daily energy healing practice? This class is 'advanced' and for people that already work on healing their own energy every day!

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