Service Offerings

1.) 30 Min. DISTANCE Chakra Balancing & Aura Repair Sessions:

During a 30 Min. Distance Chakra Balancing and Aura Repair Session, Sarah will meditate and go on a Shamanic journey to an alternate realm in the Spirit world. Once there, she will call on your Soul to join her. Sarah will do an 'energy scan' of your energy field. Your energy field consists of your 7 physical Chakras, advanced Chakra system (8-12), your emotional and physical body energies, as well as the energy that outlines your physical body (your Aura). Sarah will 'read' your energy and will be able to identify areas of blockages, stagnant energies, stored emotional/trauma energies, toxic energies, and anything else that may be causing you imbalances. Sarah will help to open all of your Chakras, repair and strengthen your aura, remove any cords or energetic attachments, fill any weakened areas in your aura with light and love and work on getting all of your energy flowing again! These Chakra Balancing sessions are like a quick 'reset' and to help you feel more grounded, less stressed, lighter and more peaceful. Sarah will not be doing any deep Shamanic Healing during these 30 Min. Sessions like Soul Retrieval, Past Life Regression or Karmic Cleansing, etc. If you are looking for that, please check out her 70 Min. Distance Energy Healing/Reading Sessions below. These Chakra Balancing Sessions may be short, but pack a powerful punch by hitting the refresh button on your energy vibe! Sarah's hope is that you are standing in your own bubble of light and love after your healing is complete!

2.) 70 Min. DISTANCE Energy Healing/Readings:

During a DISTANCE Energy Healing session, Sarah meditates and goes on a Shamanic journey. Once she travels to alternate realms in the spirit world, she calls on your Soul to join her. Sarah utilizes a powerful and unique healing process that is called Shamanic Reiki- a beautiful combination of two ancient healing methods, Shamanism and Reiki. Distance energy healing utilizes an energetic process where the Shaman is in one location and the client is in another. Sarah safely takes her clients on a Shamanic journey and then opens up to the Universal Life Force Energy (Reiki). Essentially, Sarah combines Shamanic Healing (healing in an alternate realm) while simultaneously channeling loving Reiki energy to her clients for the entire length of their session.


Sarah not only calls on your Spirit once you have journeyed to the spirit world, she calls on your spirit guides/helpers (animal, ancestor, and angel guides) and any other enlightened beings to help you heal a current or past issue or trauma.

Distance energy healing is extremely powerful as energy is not bound by time or space. It can be felt across the Universe at anytime, anywhere. In Sarah’s energy sessions, she utilizes a variety of healing modalities including Shamanic Reiki, traditional Reiki, aura repair, chakra balancing, soul retrieval and recovery, karmic cleansing, and soul possession clearing.

Your spirit tells Sarah a story which guides her and the Shamanic Reiki energy to go wherever it needs to go in order to heal you. The more consistent energy healing sessions, the faster you can heal and release what no longer serves you, so that you can move forward to a happier, healthier and more balanced life!


”Your spirit tells Sarah a story as you travel together in a Shamanic realm.”


Sarah will ask her spirit guides, as well as yours, to guide you during your energy healing journey. Sometimes, just removing stagnant energies and repairing your aura is the only purpose of the healing session. Other times, things go deeper;  Sarah may need to help cut cords, connect you to a lost loved one, go into a past life to cleanse karmic energy or even retrieve parts of your Soul that were lost due to trauma.

Remember, the energy and messages come through Sarah, not from Sarah. These sessions are about you, not her. Sarah does not try to interpret them. She only relays the information that is channeled through her. Sarah is able to scan and ‘read’ a client's energy field and see where blocked energy or trauma  memories are stored.  Every session is completely different.  Sarah ‘assists’ you in finding your own Way of healing yourself!

These transformative sessions are NOT completed on the phone or in person because Sarah finds that distance energy healing is more effective when performed in a deep, transitive state. Once Sarah is connected to spirit in an alternate, Shamanic realm, she records your energy healing session while sharing everything she sees/feels/hears simultaneously with you. After the completion of your 70 min. session, Sarah will immediately email you a customized audio recording in an MP3 format that you may keep forever. Your MP3 audio file will be sent via DropBox so that you can easily download and listen to your session at your convenience.


***If you are looking for DEEP HEALING (with past traumas, past life karmic cycles, clearing heavy dark energy, etc)- Sarah's 70 min. distance sessions may be a good fit for you. 

2.) Shamanic Soul Guide: BE Your Own Shaman Zoom Sessions:


No matter where you are in the world, experience one-on-one (intensive) Shamanic Soul Guidance LIVE with Sarah via Zoom These ‘close up and personal’ sessions are for people that desire to to take their healing practice to the next level! Create your very own Shamanic healing practice or learn how to heal yourself with Shamanic Reiki techniques. These 80 minute sessions are offered in a Zoom format so that you are working face-to-face with Sarah as she lovingly guides you to finding YOUR WAY of healing.

These sessions are for the beginner level all the way up to the advanced level. If you have always wanted to learn how to meditate, journey to alternate realms in the Spirit world, meet your Spirit Guides, or even learn how to become a certified Shamanic Practitioner…these Zoom Sessions are for YOU!

Sarah Norwood will teach you how to safely go on exciting Shamanic journeys to alternate realms in the spirit world, meet your Spirit Guides, learn how to open your own chakras, fly beside you into a past lives, cut karmic cords, clear negative energy from your life and so much MORE! Becoming your own Shaman will open you up to a whole new world of love, forgiveness, empowerment, abundance and peace that you may never have known existed before. Becoming your own Shaman can be profound and life-altering, offering a life beyond your wildest dreams! Sarah will meet you where YOU are in your healing practice, helping you discover YOUR unique gifts. There is no right or wrong way to heal yourself. Sarah will help you identify, and expand upon, the gifts you already have inside of you! 

Shamanic Soul Guide: BE Your Own Shaman Sessions may include: Live Energy Healings, Shamanic Meditation Techniques, The History of Shamanism and Reiki, Shamanic Practitioner Level Training, Intuitive Mentoring, Psychic Energy Readings, Unlimited Email Support, and More! These intensive 80 minute sessions will offer you an incredible opportunity (and a safe space) to explore your inner gifts at a much deeper level. Sarah, also, gives you a free Shamanic Soul Guide journal to help you express your deepest desires!

With over 29 years of Shamanic practice, Sarah is so happy to to finally be able to share ALL of her own wisdom, tips, stories, heart and Soul with you! Sarah Norwood will mentor you and help you discover YOUR special Way to becoming your very own Shaman. Together, you will embrace what works for you, what you love, what relaxes you, what calls your Soul’s name, and ignites your passion for life. 

And...Sarah just added some great packages of 4 and 8 Shamanic Soul Guide: BE Your Own Shaman Sessions so that you can SAVE BIG! CLICK HERE to read about these powerful packages.


 **These sessions are offered by DISTANCE through Zoom OR FaceTime to allow Sarah to work with people all over the world!**

4.) Heal Your Energy, Heal Your Life ™ eCourses:

Sarah Norwood is beginning a new journey. After years of being asked to 'teach', Sarah was finally called to do this!  Heal Your Energy, Heal Your Life ™ eCourses will include beginner level energy healing methods to the advanced Energy Healing Practitioner. To learn more, CLICK HERE!


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