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Happy Summer!


Hello Shamanic Mountain Healing Friends, How is your 2020 going so far? 

If you are an Empath, or HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), this year may have already been a doozy!  There is an intensity in the energy that I have never felt before in my lifetime.  The air is thick with so much rage. So much fear. So much grief.  It's overwhelming. To make matters worse, my own childhood fears have resurfaced since being quarantined. I have awoken in the night absolutely terrified, barely able to catch my breath.  I can't believe that I am admitting this--but I have had to sleep with my  light on more than once.  This is because I have felt an ominous presence of dark energy in my bedroom for the past several months.  When I was little, I used to wake up and FEEL ghosts and spirits in my room. I would see them standing next to my bed, staring at me through the cracks in my closet door, or simply hovering in the corners. For two decades, I have found a way not to be afraid of what I 'see'. Seeing is one of my superpowers, but recently, this gift has felt more like a curse. Most of the Souls I see/feel/hear are my spirit guides and non-threatening. They are beings of LIGHT and LOVE. I mean my day job is traveling to Shamanic spirit reams and talking to the Souls.  Let's just say that I don't 'scare' easily! But lately? I have felt 'uninvited' energies lurking around. I find myself needing to cleanse and clear these 'stranger' energies before working on my clients or going to bed at night.  It seems like it is taking a whole heck of a lot more time to clear the heavier energies these days!  If you are an Energy Healer, have you found this to be true as well? I consulted with my own Shaman and he told me that a lot of people's deep rooted, childhood fears are currently being triggered by the world events. As the world faces these unprecedented times, nothing feels completely safe anymore. Does it?  I don't know about you, but even my strongest beliefs are being put into question.  I'm finding that the beliefs that have stood as solid TRUTHS throughout my entire life are being methodically unraveled, peeled away, and reassessed. When we don't feel safe as human beings, many of us may find ourselves reverting back to our old ways, old defenses, and old cycles. When we are afraid, heightened feelings of insecurities and self-doubt can manifest.  Things that we thought we had healed long ago, may pop up out of nowhere. Our dreams may also become more intense and vivid as our our entire world continues to struggle. You may find that you cannot sleep at all- or very little. Just know that if THIS is happening to are NOT alone!  I have had to amp up my own daily healing practice in order to combat the darker energies.  I have had to work twice as hard to fill up with the light. Actually, I am working all day long to balance my own energy field with extra long meditations, consistent chakra balancing, and even more lengthy shamanic journeys. I am connecting with nature and my breath a LOT. I am taking mini time outs throughout the day.  I am dancing and stretching more. I am focusing on the LOVE and how much GRATITUDE that I have for my family, friends, animals and clients like YOU! Make sure that you are taking GOOD CARE of yourself!  Do what feels good and take the pressure off of your shoulders. These times require more REST and relaxation than ever before.  And, please know that whatever is coming up for you is normal. All of your feelings should be honored and validated. We are in this new energy together and my hope is to connect to each and every one of you by offering an overflow of unconditional love and peaceful energy. In light and darkness always, ~Sarah Shamanic Soul Guide Founder of Heal Your Energy, Heal Your Life ™

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It's SUMMER SAVINGS time and I just added four and eight PACKAGE DEALS for my Distance Energy Healing Sessions, Shamanic Soul Guide Sessions and mini Chakra Balancing Sessions! Save from $17- $257 by purchasing a discounted package today! Most of Sarah's clients are reoccurring and purchase several individual sessions throughout the year. Stock up on a package of healing sessions to get more bang for your buck! Reset your Soul here... Why work with Sarah? If energy healing can heal me, it can help to heal you too! Once upon a time, I was a single Mother of two children working multiple waitress jobs just to live paycheck to paycheck.  I was sick, tired, and self-medicating in order not to FEEL what I needed to HEAL.  I was a master at numbing my early childhood sexual molestation, traumatic rape in college, and eight long years of horrific domestic violence just to 'survive life'.  For most of my early years, I didn’t know anything but pain.  I was chronically sick, sad, scared and angry at the world. Everything was a struggle...UNTIL, I started working with a healer that taught me “how” to work with energy.  This powerful Shaman taught me how to meditate at the age of 19. This is when I began healing the dark, destructive energy that was slowly killing me.  After three decades of healing with energy, I am here to finally share my own expertise with YOU!  No matter what has happened up until this point, YOU have the power to heal yourself, and your life, back to wholeness. ​ My arsenal of studies, passions, and life’s healing work span over 30 years. I have been fortunate enough to help hundreds of clients all over the world with my 'distance' energy healing business, Shamanic Mountain Healing.  I am an experienced Shamanic Practitioner, Psychic Medium & Intuitive Reiki Master.  I have this nifty ability of being able to SEE, feel, and hear energy.  To do this, I journey to alternate realms in the Spirit world (Shamanism) and there, I offer Reiki energy to my clients.  Helping to heal my clients at a Soul level, I will encourage you to learn YOUR Way to heal yourself by doing what feels GOOD.  Combining the ancient and powerful healing modalities of Shamanism and Reiki, my passion is to help YOU live a life that you LOVE. LEARN MORE ABOUT SARAH NORWOOD HERE. Sarah Norwood's Credentials & Lived Experience: ​ -An Apprentice in Shamanic Studies for 30 years with powerful Shaman, Dr. John Myerson of Life Arts Center for Shamanic Studies -Shamanic Healing Practitioner since 2000 (20 years!) -Owner of Shamanic Mountain Healing 2007 -Certified Usui & Karuna Healing Reiki Master, 2007 -Certified Confidential Victim's Advocate, 2006 & 2018 -National Board Certified Reflexologist, 2008 -National Board Certified Massage Therapist, 2010 -Registered Massage Therapist, Colorado, 2010 -Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology, 1996 -Clairvoyant / Clairaudient / Medium -Domestic Violence Survivor -Sexual Assault Survivor -Mental Health Advocate -Owner of Non-Profit, Sarah's Safe Houses -Owner of Spirit Messages Store Oh, and I also offer classes now! Check out my Heal Your Energy, Heal Your Life eCourse. Become a Certified Energy Healing Practitioner today! I am also working on a Shamanic Healing Practitioner Certification eCourse. Get the details HERE. Stay tuned for more! In light and darkness always, Sarah Heal Your Energy, Heal Your Life eCourse is ALWAYS OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT! It is a self-paced, 8 week, online class. Read what students are saying HERE! Are you ready to heal your life?

Sarah Norwood– Shamanic Soul Guide Sarah Norwood is a Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Psychic Medium with over 27 years of experience. Sarah's mission is to lovingly assist you on your own unique healing journey by utilizing the ancient techniques of Shamanism and Reiki. Sarah has witnessed profound healing from combining these two modalities into a practice that centers around Distance Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing. Essentially, your Soul tells Sarah a story as you travel together to alternate realms in the spirit world. Sarah's greatest hope is that you learn how to heal yourself. Your 'distance' Energy Healing or Shamanic Soul Guide session may include: Shamanic Reiki healing, Chakra Balancing, Aura Repair, Past Life Regression, Soul Retrieval, Psychic Messages, Release of Toxic or Blocked Energy, Trauma Healing, Meeting Your Spirit Guides & Power Animals and MORE! *All sessions are by DISTANCE and NOT in person or by phone.*

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