Happy 2020!

Boy I don't know about you, but 2020 started off with a bang...quite literally! I slipped on some ice on January 8th at the dog park and broke both of the bones in my right wrist. This fall lead to a very painful surgery.

In a flash, my life and practice literally STOPPED. All of a sudden, I was forced to quit working on all of the exciting things I had planned for the beginning of the new year. This included dozens of energy healing clients, creating my next eCourses (Shamanic Reiki Certification classes) and writing the first draft of a book.

To say the least, my accident was humbling. What this injury DID do was increase my mindful, gratitude practice.

I found myself saying 'thank you' out loud for the smallest things.

Like for when my adult daughter helped to bathe me. She was so gentle and kind as I sat in frustration and embarrassment that I could not even wash my own body.

For my husband that didn't even bat an eye as he stepped up and took over all of my daily chores. I watched as he prepared dinners, washed endless dishes, cleaned toilets, and carried baskets of laundry full of my dirty pj's without saying a word.

For how he put the toothpaste on my toothbrush and washed my yucky mouth guard before bed. I mean, who does that??

I was thankful for how he made sure that I had all of my pain medications, Saltine crackers, and a big glass of water on my nightstand every night. He filled the coffee maker so that it was ready to go the next morning and fed all of the animals. He even cleaned the cat litter for the very first time in his life! Oh, what a sight to behold! 

I whispered 'thank you' for my animals and their silent comfort hundreds of times. They knew that Mommy was hurt and they patiently waited for me to be seated safely on the couch before coming up to give me kisses.

For my son that had to come over and babysit me while I was still too drugged up to be alone the day after my surgery. We sat and talked like the good old days. I can't remember what we talked about (thanks Vicodin :-)), but I do remember how close I felt to him afterwards.

For my incredibly supportive clients that told me to just 'take all the time you need' before doing their sessions. It didn't matter that their sessions would be over a month late. I truly have the best clients in the world!

And...for the heating pad that felt so good on my wrist, for the hot cup of tea that I could hold with my left hand, for the historical fiction romance novels I finally had time to read, for being my own boss and working from home so I could truly rest and heal on my own terms...and, for so much more.

I am grateful for it all...because I know that life is always happening FOR US, not TO US! There is always something to grow from, learn from, and to be thankful for.

Today, I am happy to report that the pain is lessening and my road to recovery has begun.

I am officially re-opening my practice this Monday, January 28th!

Just a heads up--I have several weeks of clients to make up and so my schedule is already booking into March.

Please BOOK HERE if you would like a Distance Energy Healing/Reading Session or a Shamanic Soul Guide Session!

***As an expression of my GRATITUDE, I would love to offer a $15 discount on ANY service!

If you are interested in purchasing a service with $15 off, please email: shamanicmountain@gmail.com and let me know what the length/type session you would like to purchase and I will immediately send you a discounted invoice.

Please make sure to put yourself on my SCHEDULE as soon as you can as I am booking a month out. Also, please fill out the Session Form which corresponds with the type of Service you choose.

Looking forward to seeing YOU in Spirit!

~With so much love, Sarah

Got Energy? We do!

Sarah's NEW eCourse has LAUNCHED!

Shamanic Soul Guide, Sarah Norwood, created her very first eCourse: Heal Your Energy, Heal Your Life in 2019!

To learn more about how this online class is offered, CLICK HERE

In her class, Sarah takes you on an 8 week sacred journey as you learn how to become your very own Energy Healer! Sarah will teach you what your energy field consists of (chakras, physical/emotional body, aura, etc), what each chakra means and how YOU can balance them, how to create a personalized 'symbol' to unlock each chakra, how to protect your energy, how to heal trauma energy, how to consume only 'high vibrational energy', how to release toxic energy and cut cords to people and situations that no longer serve you, how to cultivate a meditation practice that you WANT to practice and SO MUCH MORE! 

Sarah's students are already loving the convenience and content of her online class! Just as there is no right or wrong way to heal yourself, Sarah takes the pressure of timelines and strict 'how to' guides off the table.

Sarah encourages you to do what feels good and to discover how to heal yourself YOUR WAY with energy.

Sarah shares an abundance of healing tools, ancient methods, and information with you that she has gathered over the past three decades. Sarah's greatest hope is that you feel individually supported and encouraged to create an Energy Healing practice, and life, that you LOVE TO LIVE!

This is why Sarah dramatically slashed the price of her course. Sarah believes that anyone that is interested in energy healing should be able to pursue it! Sarah loves her students and poured her whole being into this course. As a gift for allowing Sarah to share her passion, you will receive this FREE crystal stone and healing tool kit below if you Pay-In-Full! Affordable Payment Plans are available as well!

Learn more about Sarah's Heal Your Energy, Heal Your Life eCourse HERE today! 

Shamanic Mountain Healing's Social Life 

Yes, not only is Shamanic Mountain Healing on TwitterFacebook and YouTube, it now has a Blog! Social media is a beautiful way to connect with people, share Spirit stories/messages, talk about energy, chakras, Shamanic healing and how to live your DREAM LIFE. Check out SMH's Blog here today! Shamanic Mountain Healing's Blog!


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