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Happy Fall 2019! 

Sarah Norwood's very first eCourse:

Heal Your Energy, Heal Your Life

 is launching on Thanksgiving Day 2019!

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Hello Shamanic Mountain Healing Friends!

So, I awoke this morning with Spirit reminding me of 'Why'.

Why am I creating my eCourse: Heal Your Energy, Heal Your Life in the first place?

This class manifested out of my sincerest desire to reach the younger me.

The woman BEFORE being healed with energy.

The single Mom that struggled dearly, living paycheck to paycheck while raising two toddlers.

The person that was always tired.

Always sick.

Always angry.

Always meeting the wrong man.

The young woman that had been physically and sexually abused for most of her life.

The person that tried EVERYTHING to change her life, but kept getting stuck in old, toxic cycles.

The woman that always felt like life was against her.

The one that would have given ANYTHING to learn how to heal her own energy, so that she could heal her life.

This is why I'm dropping the price of my course $600!

My two month Heal Your Energy, Heal Your Life ™ course will now be the affordable price of $282.22 OR six easy payments of $47! 

And, if you Pay in Full, you will receive a FREE Crystal Chakra Set. If you decide to participate in the Payment Plan, you will receive an energy infused FREE quartz crystal!

Oh, this feels GOOD. So much better. Originally, I was going to offer a long version of my course and a shorter, less expensive version.

But, I want YOU to have all the tools. I want you to truly BECOME your very own Energy Healer.

You deserve it ALL. :-)

I hope this dramatic price drop feels good to you as well.

Please join me as I launch my FIRST energy healing course on my birthday--which just so happens to be Thanksgiving this year!

Wishing you a Happy Fall! See you soon. <3

Be gentle and take care of yourself.

You are worthy of all the love in this world.


Shamanic Soul Guide Founder of Heal Your Energy, Heal Your Life ™ www.shamanicsoulguide.com/classes

Got Energy? Sarah does and she would LOVE to share her high vibe, healing energy with you as you journey together in the spirit realms during her Distance Energy Healing/Reading Sessions and Shamanic Soul Guide: Be Your Own Shaman Sessions! Balance your chakras, go into past lives, strengthen your aura, call on your spirit guides, release heavy emotional energy and receive sacred messages.

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Sarah Norwood– Shamanic Soul Guide

Sarah Norwood is a Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Psychic Medium with over 27 years of experience. Sarah's mission is to lovingly assist you on your own unique healing journey by utilizing the ancient techniques of Shamanism and Reiki. Sarah has witnessed profound healing from combining these two modalities into a practice that centers around Distance Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing. Essentially, your Soul tells Sarah a story as you travel together to alternate realms in the spirit world. Sarah's greatest hope is that you learn how to heal yourself. Your 'distance' Energy Healing or Shamanic Soul Guide session may include: Shamanic Reiki healing, Chakra Balancing, Aura Repair, Past Life Regression, Soul Retrieval, Psychic Messages, Release of Toxic or Blocked Energy, Trauma Healing, Meeting Your Spirit Guides & Power Animals and MORE!

*All sessions are by DISTANCE and NOT in person or by phone.*

Please contact us by email for any questions.

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